Necesse Naturals’ is a natural products company that is focused on helping people live healthier lives. For over  four years, we have been building a strong community through sharing information on the benefits of natural organic ingredients in personal care products. We help people transition to sustainably healing, beautifying and protecting their skin — one of the most important parts of their bodies!


As part of that journey, we’ve developed a new line of skincare products. Our new lotion, body butter and soap feature naturally sourced ingredients, carefully extracted using methods that preserve the ingredients’ vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They cleanse and beautify your skin, fight painful and damaging skin conditions, and reduce the effects of aging and sun damage.


Designed for portability and flexibility, Necesse Naturals’ products are long-lasting and travel-friendly. They will not break down. They will be with you when you need them!

About Our Founder Francina

Francina Grazette

Francina Grazette founded Necesse Naturals in 2014. While her father was being treated for kidney disease, Francina and her father discovered that his medications caused him to suffer from dry, painful skin. Francina began looking for skincare solutions that would help him. Francina developed her own skincare regimen for her father: using a carefully blended mixture of natural and organic ingredients, she relieved his pain and revitalized his skin.

Francina took these insights and became a natural beauty advocate, creating a community to inspire and help people to become naturally beautiful. She has poured her knowledge and her heart into educating people on how to repair and protect their skin, and to use natural solutions to eliminate Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, and other skin disorders.


We only get one body in this life — let’s make the most of it!