Necesse Naturals Testimonial: Thuy Lam

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Necesse Naturals Testimonial: Thuy Lam

Necesse is all about getting back to basics and using beautiful, natural ingredients to create the perfect products for our customers, who we consider like family! Enter Thuy (pronounced Twee) Lam, a certified financial planner and co-founder of Falcon Lam, an organization dedicated to helping women learn more about finances ultimately allowing them to reach their full earning potential and gain greater independence. We spoke with Thuy about her favourite products, organic, vegan skincare, and why she decided to go the natural skincare route. Really, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to learn more about Thuy!    

Necesse Naturals: Thank you so much for meeting with us, Thuy! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Thuy Lam: My name is Thuy (Twee) Lam and I own a business where we help to empower women with their money.

And how did you find Necesse Naturals?

At an event that my business partner, Marlene, attended. You had a vendor table. I have been using the product since December 2018.

Which product do you use?

The face cream.

It’s such a great product, isn’t it? What issues were you looking to take care of when you found it?

Extremely dry skin on my face. I have very sensitive skin and react to most traditional beauty care products. I have been on a journey to remove toxins from my home and have been searching for a natural solution for my dry skin, especially in our harsh winters.

You mentioned you’ve been on a bit of a journey to remove toxins from your home and beauty regimens. Where did this journey come from?

I began my journey to remove toxins from my home and beauty regimens as part of a larger journey of self-care and looking after my overall health and well-being.  

Has it been an easy journey, or have you found yourself hitting roadblocks along the way?  

It has not been an easy journey. However, I am committed to taking small steps.  I started first with cooking and eating whole, nutritious foods and to reduce my meat consumption. I’ve invested in working with holistic practitioners to learn more about my body and to be proactive with my overall health. I’ve also invested in daily walks and regular yoga for both physical and mental health. And now, I’m replacing items in my household such as cleaning products, laundry detergent, hygiene products, and beauty products. I’ve switched to natural shampoo, conditioner, soaps, toothpaste, and now face care regimen.  

That’s a really admirable goal, and such a wonderful journey to be on! So tell us, why does natural skincare matter so much to you?

Number one, my skin is very sensitive to chemicals and it’s been a challenge for me to find skincare products that do not produce redness or a rash on my face. I also care about what I am putting on my skin and its impact on my overall long term health.

And has the Bliss cream helped you solve this problem?

I am so in love with the cream made by Necesse. Not only is it all natural with no toxic chemicals, but it immediately solved my dry skin issue within a week! My mom, who is nearly 70 is using the product as well and her dry, crackly skin is so much better. She loves the product as well.

Do Necesse’s origins and the story of how Francina founded the company resonate with you?

Absolutely!!! Her story is beautiful. Francina founded the company based on her love for her dad and in finding a solution to cure his extremely dry skin as a kidney transplant patient. I, too, am a kidney transplant patient and had suffered from severely dry skin in our harsh winter months. No amount of water I drank was able to solve this issue.  And I had only found one facial cream that works … though it is loaded with chemicals. When I heard about Necesse, I was inspired by Francina’s story and wanted to try the product to support her.

That’s a really wonderful story, and we’re so happy to know how much this resonates with you! What do you think are some of Necesse’s best qualities?  

The values behind the brand and Francina’s WHY. She developed the product from her heart, to help someone she loves and now she can share it with the world. I absolutely love that the products are 100% natural and do not contain any harmful toxins or chemicals.  

If you were recommending our product to a friend, family member or colleague, what would you tell them?

That I’ve found a facial cream that has eradicated my severely dry skin, and that it’s 100% natural!!!  It applies nicely and does not leave any greasy or sticky film. I absolutely love it and recommend it!

Finding natural, vegan, cruelty-free, organic products for your skin can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes there are hidden ingredients, or loopholes in production allow unethical treatment to ensue in mass-produced products. Not with Necesse! We love our bodies and value yours which is why we put nothing but the best ingredients into our products. Made from a place of love, we want to bring some natural beauty and health back to the world, one person at a time.

If Thuy’s story resonated with you, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you about your experience with Necesse’s natural skincare!

Necesse Naturals is a natural products company that is focused on helping people live healthier lives. Designed for portability and flexibility, Necesse Naturals’ products are long-lasting and travel-friendly. They won’t break down. They’ll be with you when you need them! Learn more at

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